Drill Cuttings


When it comes to drilling, we understand that our clients want accurate results as soon as possible. BWB Geo provides experienced wellsite geologists who use thorough  drill cuttings analysis to  ensure the well is drilled in the best pay zone for maximum production.



Drilling Results That Matter

Through safe work practices, we properly collect wet and dry samples for the client in a way that will meet government requirements. We analyze drill cuttings throughout the process to enhance our services and provide our clients with the results they are looking for. We work closely with key site personnel, such as directional drillers and rig crew, to maintain exceptional drill results from start to finish.

We are also happy to take care of all the small stuff. Our experts will take the time to order vials and sample bags necessary for drill cuttings, saving our clients precious time and money.



Keeping up on Regulations

We work closely with provincial governments to ensure drill cutting submissions meet industry standards and that our drilling engineering practices follow the appropriate regulations. We calculate and maintain proper lag times of drill cuttings to ensure we are sampling at the correct intervals, according to governmental and environmental regulations.

We also extend our communication promise to our colleagues in government.  We strive to maintain honest and regular communication with provincial governments to make sure we are the first to know about any changes or updates to drill cutting submission regulations so that our clients aren’t penalized.