Our Communication Promise


Effective communication – among our experts, within our team and with our clients – is an essential part of how we do business.



We believe that good communication fuels success.

At BWB, we promise to be as transparent as possible and productively manage communications to ensure everyone has the information they need to achieve their goals and guarantee project success.



Communication in Geology

Providing essential communications with our team, our clients and throughout each project is part of the quality service we offer. Operational communications are provided throughout the project as geology coordination and geological documentation.



Geological coordination

We work closely with key site personnel (directional drillers, MWD Hands, drilling engineers, rig crew, mud loggers) to maximize drill results while maintaining high safety standards. Through the precise coordination of equipment, people and other aspects of the job, we can:

  • Prioritize communication within command centers and all on-site work spaces.
  • Properly plan for drilling and geological activities on drilling rigs, including work of core hands and wireline loggers, and communicate these activities back to the head office.
  • Efficient hand-over meetings at crew change.
  • Actively participate in and document all safety meetings.

Project completion

We have formalized project completion processes that ensure the client is provided with all the data and information they need. And, because we maintain good communication standards and practices during a project our clients know they can expect an in-depth and thorough final report. Provided to the client in a timely fashion, this report includes a printed and digital copy of:

  • Vertical/Build strip log
  • Horizontal strip log
  • TVD Gamma strip log
  • Plan view plot
  • Section view plot
  • Well path plot