Bevan W. Bailey Geological


Working with BWB Geological Inc. means you can expect an expert and skilled approach to your next geology and drilling project.



Decades of experience

We have decades of experience providing geological wellsite supervision across a variety of landscapes. We approach every job with professionalism and work diligently to maximize success for every client.



Our services include:

- Wellsite Supervision & Training
- Drill Cuttings Analysis
- Core Analysis
- Gas Detection Supervision
- Remote Geosteering


Making communication and safety a priority


We take pride in our commitments to communication and safety.


It is our philosophy that a successful project relies on regular communication with everyone involved and have procedures in place to allow for daily updates and reports at crucial intervals. We make a promise to each client that we will maintain regular updates and honest communication throughout the entire drilling process.

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We believe it is our job to protect our employees, our contractors and the communities we work with while we are working. We ensure that all of our staff have the appropriate safety training and equipment to do their job as safely as possible. We also monitor work sites and drill sites regularly to identify and immediately address any potential hazardous situations.

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