Remote Geosteering


Geosteering allows our experts to place the wellbore in the most optimal location within the reservoir using horizontal drilling.



We are excited to offer our clients with a remote geosteering option, meaning our team doesn’t have to be on site to determine the best measurements and adjustments while drilling. Our wellsite geologists will be located either in the oil company’s offices or at an adjacent facility to promote improved communication resulting in fewer errors during drilling.



Keeping an eye on your investment


Remote geosteering allows us to monitor and critically evaluate the drilling process twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in a way that doesn’t add extra expenses to the job. Using the cutting edge StarSteer software, we can make any borehole adjustments as they are required through ongoing analysis of cross sections. 

Having our wellsite geologists offsite means you will save on costs associated with transportation and lodging at the drilling site. Less people at the site will also decrease the risk of an accident, allowing safety to remain top priority.

Our highly skilled staff have direct, first-hand knowledge of the site and will maintain regular communication with on-site leads to ensure maximum pay is achieved.  They will also provide team leads, and the client, with regular updates and important data throughout the drilling progress.