Wellsite Supervision & Training


With nearly 40 years of wellsite supervision, we know what it takes to safely and effectively achieve success in any drilling project. We provide a wellsite geologist who works closely with a team of directional drillers, drilling engineers and rig crews to ensure the most profitable well is drilled. 




Wellsite Supervision

We have the skills and knowledge to geologically and directionally steer vertical/horizontal oil wells that are in the best pay zone for maximum production. During the drilling process our team is responsible for a variety of jobs, including: 

  • Schedule and coordinate drilling and geological activities on drilling rigs.
  • Schedule and coordinate wireline loggers and core hands to be alerted for their various tasks.
  • Document and report daily drilling activities to our head office in Calgary. 

We also believe in the value of hands-on learning and identify opportunities to train new wellsite geologists in the field. We encourage our employees to attend conferences and geological cutting workshops to enhance their on-the-job development. 




Geological Supervision

We want to help you find the pay zone while still meeting your environmental requirements. That way our experts can provide the geological supervision you’re looking for. 

We supervise the entire coring process and assist with handing the core. We will also prepare the necessary documentation, including the final coring excel documents, to ensure asset team has the information they need to succeed. 

  • When it comes to wellsite drilling we will:
  • Analyze drill cuttings, gas detection and monitor drilling data to ensure pay zone is maintained.  
  • Maintain regular communications with the head office geologists on any updates or developments from the drill site. 
  • Document geological activities with cutting-edge software